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Friday, December 4, 2009

The New “Classical Carnival of Homeschooling.”

Back in October, Ritsumei began a “Classical Carnival of Homeschooling.” I'm happy to say that my post on homeschooling world history and how we divide history into periods was mentioned in the first edition of the carnival (this is a belated announcement due to my vacation and illness).

The newest edition just became available today.

I hope the new carnival will be complementary to, not competitive with, the long established “Carnival of Homeschooling.” The CoH deals with homeschoolers of all varieties; I think it also does make sense to have a Carnival that centers on those of us who are focused on an academically classical approach to homeschooling.

I have provided cute little links somewhere over on the right of this page to both carnivals, and I hope to contribute form time to time to each of them.

And, Ritsumei, thanks for your efforts in setting up the new Carnival!


  1. I certainly hope the Classical HS Carnival will be much more complementary to the other HS carnivals, and much less competitive with them. I like carnivals and have participated in several, but was unable to find anything that would help me imagine what exactly a Classical education looks like in the day-to-day, and how to create it in my home. Not finding one, I hoped that others would be interested in helping to create a carnival to fill that need. I'm so glad that you like it well enough to speak so highly of it. Thank you!

  2. PS. I'm glad that you're feeling better enough to blog again.